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Skills, Innovation, and Quality in the Field of Geotechnics and Geognostics

Palingeo was founded in 1999 through the experience and innovative spirit of a group of professionals with extensive backgrounds in major companies in the specific field of geotechnics. Over time, the company has developed a solid background in providing specialized construction services in the foundations sector to key players in civil and infrastructural construction, industrial operators, and public administration.

Palingeo is registered with the National Register of Environmental Managers for site reclamation activities and has held the SOA CQOP qualification certificate since 2001 for civil engineering works and geological consolidation. Additionally, the company is a qualified operator by RFI-Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato for the construction of civil works on operational railway lines.

The company can rely on a significant wealth of technical knowledge

To stay at the forefront of the market, Palingeo understands the importance of staying updated. It continues to adopt the latest technologies, thereby enhancing its wealth of technical knowledge. Ongoing training courses and seminars are some of the means to ensure that technical and administrative staff are constantly updated. The headquarters are located in Carpenedolo (BS), with operational offices in Casalmoro, complemented by warehouses in Montichiari, Messina, and Corteno Golgi.

Foundation Engineering Works

For industrial complexes, underground parking, and infrastructure.

Waterproofing and Consolidation

Interventions on soils and rocks.

Structural Restoration Works

Territory reorganization, stabilization of landslides, and embankments.

Geological Surveys

Territory reorganization, stabilization of landslides, and embankments.

Code of Ethics

In carrying out its activities, Palingeo applies, respects, and encourages compliance with the ethical principles expressed in the Code of Ethics. All those in association with Palingeo are called to apply these principles consistently and responsibly.

Organization and Management

Palingeo strictly adheres to the current legislation provided by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, aimed at preventing corporate offenses and promoting a culture of ethics and transparency. This model requires the creation of a supervisory body (OdV) responsible for monitoring compliance with the model’s guidelines and reporting any violations. Existing procedures and control systems within the company are suitable for this purpose.

Certifications and Quality

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