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Tunneling: Tunnel excavations and construction site safety

Tunnelling refers to the sub-horizontal drilling conducted around the perimeter of tunnel sections to support the soil during tunnel construction. These sub-horizontal micropiles are typically created in an umbrella configuration with lengths ranging from a minimum of 8 meters to a maximum of 24 meters. Normally, fields are created successively with an overlap of 3-5 meters.

Progress of Tunnel Works

Infilaggi involves sub-horizontal drillings with lengths ranging from 8 to 24 meters. These pre-consolidations of the tunnel crown are structures that allow the advancement of tunnel excavation, even in particularly challenging terrains. The micropiles are reinforced with metal or fiberglass tubes and can be pressure-injected through special non-return valves. The drilling pattern follows a bell-shaped profile that allows the insertion of metal ribs with variable radii. Special equipment called positioners is used for these operations, featuring long horizontal drilling slides with rotating rails that enable positioning along a circular contour (ideal machines for treating the entire tunnel section).

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