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Jet Grouting: Jet Injection for Consolidation and Waterproofing

The jet grouting treatment technique involves the hydraulic disintegration of soil and its mixing with cementitious mixtures. The disintegration phase occurs through extremely high-pressure jets (400-450 bar). Jet grouting, with various consolidation treatments, allows operation in an extremely wide range of soils and offers considerable flexibility in applications.

Jet grouting enables the creation of columns of consolidated soil with diameters ranging from a minimum of 60 up to 200 cm. Palingeo is capable of employing each of the various techniques described above.

The company has at least 7 complete sets of equipment for creating columns of consolidated soil with jet injection

Each group consists of cement storage silos, a high-capacity automatic mixing plant, a jet pump, and drilling machines. All groups are equipped with an automatic data acquisition system for parameters such as depth, pressure, flow rate, step velocity, etc. Three groups are equipped with a GPS system for locating and placing the drilling point.

Techniques and Materials for Jet Grouting

Jet injection can be implemented with different techniques: single fluid, dual fluid, triple fluid. This is applicable to both incoherent soils and cohesive formations or decomposed rocks.

The achievable column diameters vary: from 60 to 80 cm (for single fluid interventions), from 100 to 200 cm (for implementations combining air, water, and cement). The compression strength obtained varies between 2 and 4 MPa for fine soils, and between 10 and 20 MPa or more for sandy and gravelly soils.

Load Transfer and Settlement Containment

Jet injection is applied to adjacent columns to achieve effective treatment over larger volumes and can be considered as pile-like structures.

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