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Corporate Sustainability

Palingeo collaborates with Green Future Project, an Italian B-Corp certified as a Digital Partner by RINA. The initiative was born with the aim of supporting and guiding companies in achieving their sustainability goals.

A Sustainable Choice for Employees

Palingeo has chosen the Climate Positive Subscription, an annual subscription that serves as a simple way to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment. It partially offsets the carbon footprint of employees, including emissions from their work activities and those associated with their lifestyle, such as energy consumption, travel, and food. This solution compensates for greenhouse gas emissions through the Green Future Project’s renewable energy project in Tamil Nadu, India, and funds carefully selected projects for the preservation of the Canandé reserve in Ecuador and the planting of small mangrove trees in Marovolavo, Madagascar.

Green Future Project

Green Future Project proves to be a strategic partner for companies, offering a comprehensive and integrated platform with various functionalities. These include monitoring energy consumption and CO2 emissions, direct purchase of carbon credits and biodiversity tokens, activation of subscriptions supporting high-impact environmental projects, and specialized consulting for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy development. With Green Future Project’s advanced technology, companies can monitor their environmental impact in real-time, track project progress through data and satellite imagery, and share achieved results with stakeholders and their community.